Some of you know me as Anita Liberty, because that’s the pseudonym I’ve been using for the past decade. But some of you know me as Suzanne Weber, because that is my given name. I wrote three books as Anita Liberty:

How to Heal the Hurt by Hating, How to Stay Bitter Through the Happiest Times of Your Life, and my Young Adult title, The Center of the Universe (Yep, That Would Be Me). And now I have a book that I wrote under my own name, Suzanne Weber, and you’re gonna have to accept both of us into your life. And your bookshelf. The title of the newest book is To What Miserable Wretches Have I Been Born?: Revenge Poetry for Babies and Toddlers. Don’t worry, it’s got the same snarky tone you’ve come to expect/demand from me. However, this time, the snark is out of the mouths of babes. They get nasty.

i am suzanne weber

i am anita liberty

i have two names.